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March 10, 2009 |  6:21 pm
That's what she said
Matthew Kaufman's No. 6 top-rated tweet on

Fans of "The Office," NBC's hit TV show, will tell you that one of the funniest recurring jokes is the line "That's what she said." Characters use the phrase (usually incorrectly, in the case of boss Michael Scott) to point out double entendres.

"That's what she said" has spun off a life of its own, creeping its way into conversations -- online and off. tracks the utterances on Twitter, as well as the original tweets that triggered the responses.

The result is an ongoing stream of hilariously inadvertent innuendos. Some of the recent gems include "Starting out kind of small ... but you have to start somewhere." (That's what she said.) And "That was an amazing night." (That's what she said.)

Visitors to the website can rate individual messages, and the most popular entries are ranked. The top five include "I've got your stimulus package right here" and "Well, that was a surprise I wasn't expecting."

For a good laugh, take a look around the site. It doesn't take long, and it's quite enjoyable. (That's what she said.)

-- Mark Milian [follow]