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Latest Twitter + SXSW trend? #fakesxsw

March 17, 2009 |  8:57 am
South By Southwest attendees
Real attendees of South By Southwest. Credit: Kris Krug.

Maybe they're jealous. Perhaps they're justifiably perturbed that Twitter is being flooded with tweets from and about the South by Southwest Festival. Regardless of their motives, some folks on Twitter are pretending as if they are at SXSW. Behold the Fake SXSW meme, which you can follow on the micro-blogging site with the #fakesxsw hash tag. The trend has resulted in some harmless chuckles.

A fellow named doug pretends he's got a great hotel:

        doughamlin: @malbiniak Staying at Casa el Doug. It's glorious. #fakesxsw   

Proben is pretending he sat in on an interesting panel discussion:

        proben: @fakeceo's keynote was inspiring but it turns out that there's already a Chinese knockoff version of #fakeproduct available #fakesxsw
Jackola has a busy night ahead of him:

jackola: About to head over to the #TotallyAwesome #stage at #fakesxsw. Want to #meetup at the #afterparty where all the #coolkids are?

As someone who has been here for a few days, I can say that these tweets and most of the ones on #fakesxsw are mighty close to the ones flying around from real SXSW-goers. Reason enough to follow the parody parties as well as the legit ones.

But if the whole thing just annoys you, feel free to join the crowd celebrating their absence: Not at SXSW.

-- Tony Pierce [Follow]