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Around the Web 3.13.09: Tim Armstrong speaks, the Pre gets raves, Apple hints at new iPhone

March 13, 2009 |  8:34 am
The Pentagon's blimp will float 65,000 feet over Earth and will not be made of LEGO building blocks. Credit: jimw via Flickr.

-- The 38-year-old Tim Armstrong talks about his new CEO job at AOL. AllThingsD

-- The new iPod shuffle, when compared with a Pez dispenser, is pretty small. AppleInsider

-- Analysts have some pretty good stuff to say about the Palm Pre. Maybe McNamee was right. AllThingsD

-- Second Life, trying to help companies feel more comfortable in the virtual world, creates a red light district.

-- Tech billionaires lost some pretty hefty sums in 2008, according to Forbes. Bill Gates' net worth supposedly went down $18 billion. TechCrunch

-- The Pentagon is building a giant blimp that will float over the Earth for 10 years and spy on us all. LAT

-- Police were monitoring a sex offender on GPS when he allegedly killed a teenage girl. CNN

-- Apple is previewing the iPhone 3.0 on St. Patrick's Day. Wired

-- An iPod Touch allegedly sets a kid’s pants on fire when it exploded in his pocket. ArsTechnica

-- Is Google Voice bad for Android? Silicon Alley Insider

-- Biotech deals in the Bay Area heated up Thursday when Roche agreed to buy Genentech. LAT

-- Oprah and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg face off today. Let's hope one of them cries. WSJ

-- The CEO of, which was founded by Jim Cramer, is leaving. Maybe he just couldn’t watch the Stewart/Cramer beatdown anymore. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Alana Semuels