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Around the Web 3.30.09: Online ad dollars still growing, labels join Google for music downloads in China, video games help vision

March 30, 2009 | 10:01 am
Returning DVDs at a Redbox kiosk
A Redbox customer returns a DVD at an Albertsons in Santa Monica. Hollywood studios worry the system could undercut DVD sales. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

-- Google has signed up the four major record labels for a free music download service in China. The labels get a cut of the ad revenue. Ars Technica

-- Is Facebook making college reunions pointless? We already know what our classmates are up to. NYT

-- Here's a study to show mom: Playing video games may be good for your vision. Booster Shots

-- Why the new Skype iPhone app, available Tuesday, doesn't actually threaten AT&T. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Redbox's vending machines dispense dollar-a-day DVDs to consumers -- and worries to Hollywood. LAT

-- Online advertising revenue is slowing down (what isn't these days?) but still grew 10% last year. TechCrunch

-- A major spy operation seems to be looting files from computers across the world, including those of the Dali Lama's office, researchers say. NYT

-- Laid-off workers get connected with potential jobs through social networking. LAT

-- Chris O'Brien: The patent system is broken, and now's the time to fix it. Mercury News

-- Chris Gaither