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Around the Web 3.26.09: iTunes gets price sensitive, BlackBerry may serve up TV downloads, Twitter is going pro

March 26, 2009 | 10:39 am
Does Gov. Schwarzenegger want to return his Tesla electric roadster, which he used to cite as an example of California green? Credit: Ambidanze via Flickr

-- Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says the company  hired someone to develop premium accounts that would offer more features. Like tweets, details were short. WSJ

-- ITunes is switching to a variable-pricing model next week, with the hottest songs costing as much as $1.29 and slower-moving ones costing 69 cents.  LAT

-- Facebook will listen to users and tweak its homepage over the next few weeks -- though the design will stay roughly the same. The company will focus on improving what appears in the stream and highlights section. Facebook Blog

-- Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 8 lost market share all of a sudden. Are people switching back to IE 7, or are the stats flawed? Houston Chronicle TechBlog

-- Google executives opted for a $1 salary again in 2008, and except for the CFO, nobody got any new stock either. (They're riding on 2007's stock.) CNET

-- A new part of the iPhone App Store contract requires that developers provide a full refund to users who want one -- even though Apple still keeps its 30% commission. This could mean disaster for some developers. TechCrunch

-- Yahoo has tested 141 new versions of its home page in search of a better option. PaidContent

-- Rumor has it that Research In Motion will put out a TV download service for its BlackBerry smartphones soon. NewTeeVee

-- Barnes & Noble tries to get into the e-book market by launching a free reader for the BlackBerry. WSJ

-- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly is looking into returning his Tesla roadster, but the company apparently convinced him otherwise -- to avoid the bad publicity. ValleyWag

-- Chris Lesinski