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Around the Web 3.17.09: Lifting laptop sales, updating your status and watching the Watchmen

March 17, 2009 |  9:31 am
iPod Shuffle
iPod Shuffle. Credit: Apple

-- Never mind. New iPod Shuffle does not contain DRM chip after all. BoingBoing

-- Publishers crank up the pressure for Sony to cut PlayStation 3 price. ArsTechnica

-- Research firm EMarketer slashes advertising growth forecast for social networking sites. CNet

-- Mac sales tumbled 16% in February after 6% drop in January. Macworld

-- Dell aims to lift laptop sales with style, introduces high-end lineup. CNNMoney

-- But will recession-weary consumers buy them? ZDNet

-- Another sign of the times? Lasik eye surgery down, but vasectomies up. NYT

-- Total music sales set to fall as listeners stream more, buy less. PaidContent

-- It was just a matter of time. Computer programs can now beat humans in a game of Go. Wired

-- Got writer's block on those status updates? Try Plinky. Lifehacker

-- There's an epidemic of Watchmen spoofs. Our favorites: Watchmen meets Scooby-Doo, Charlie Brown, The Simpsons and Popeye. Hurm.

-- Alex Pham