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L.A.'s Twestival bring hipsters, websters and Tay Zonday

February 13, 2009 | 12:22 pm
Twitter user @blackfeathers snaps a phone shot.
(Credit: David Sarno)

It was a motley crew at the L.A. Twestival last night. The event happened at Club 740 in downtown Los Angeles, a cavernous old theater house that nevertheless filled mostly up with Twitter geeks, Web 2.0 celebrities, real celebrities and people who come to Club 740 every Thursday.

This was one of 150-plus Twestivals in cities all over the world, all organized in the name of the organization charity: water, which wants to clean up drinking water in developing nations.

Organizer @daynah told me the whole event had been set up in a little more than two weeks by an all-volunteer events staff that recruited all-volunteer performers.They included "Fear Factor" legend Joe Rogan, YouTube legend Tay Zonday and a lineup of L.A. stand-up comics and DJs.

All day long, the Twitter stream was buzzing with #twestival tweets from across the globe -- England, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, Germany, India -- and they're still coming. 

Organizers said that, with the exception of the booze revenue, 100% of the proceeds go to the charity.  We'll see if we can grab an update on how much money the event generated worldwide.

-- David Sarno