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Around the Web 2.13.09: Microsoft stores, YouTube paid downloads, the Intel mobile

February 13, 2009 |  9:36 am
Mac Store
Will Apple's "Geniuses" be smarter than Microsoft's "Gurus"? Credit: mackz via Flickr.

-- Microsoft takes a crack at part of Apple's strategy by opening retail stores. Could it actually work? CrunchGear

-- Terabit Ethernet may be upon us. Ars Technica

-- YouTube enables paid downloads for some of its partners. ReadWriteWeb

-- Netflix, still the only subscription-based streaming movie service, hits 10 million subscribers. THR

-- Sony Music re-signs with YouTube, making it the first major label to do so. All Things Digital

-- There's a rumor that Intel might break into the mobile phone biz. Gawker/Valleywag

-- Coinstar assumes full ownership of Redbox, the DVD rental kiosk company. PaidContent

-- Privacy advocates complaint that the FTC fails to protect consumer privacy with its new Internet-advertising guidelines. Bloomberg via LAT

-- The Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab "loses" 67 computers, though none contained classified information. AP via Yahoo News

-- Chris Lesinksi