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Around the Web 2.18.09: Playing with the Android G2, fighting spammers on, waiting for Internet radio deal

February 17, 2009 |  6:29 pm

-- Two minutes with the Android G2: close to perfection. Gizmodo

-- Game review: Killzone 2 is technologically flawless and a sight to behold, but it's not that once-in-a-lifetime game everyone was hoping for. LAT

-- Victorious in its crusade against Facebook's terms-of-use change, Consumerist says "now we can all go back to sending each other digital cupcakes without Big Brother watching us." Consumerist

-- Google has reason to worry about President Obama's choice for antitrust chief. VentureBeat

-- Even as localized Web ads are poised to shrink, ReachLocal, a Woodland Hills company, is trying to build a mini-Madison Avenue stretching across the country. WSJ

-- Air your dirty secrets in 140 characters or less with SecretTweet. Jacket Copy

-- says it's looking for ways to stop being used by so many spam-spewing zombies. Security Fix

-- Google won a lawsuit brought by a Pittsburgh couple who claimed that including photos of their house on the Street View mapping program violated their privacy. CNet

-- But it starts a new legal fight with, which accuses Google of antitrust violations. NYT

-- The recording industry and Internet radio sites still don't have a deal over royalties.

-- Industrial Light & Magic shares a Flash program that shows Iron Man's suit from the inside out. Hero Complex

-- Chris Gaither