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Tweet Congress tracks politicians on Twitter, heckles ones who aren't

January 31, 2009 |  8:59 am

Califrep Want an easy way to get updates when Rep. Mike Honda posts on his blog or hear about what book Rep. Kevin McCarthy is reading?

Yes, even congresspeople are on Twitter.

Tweet Congress organizes all the congressional representatives who are tweeting their daily lives and provides a timeline of recent messages, state-by-state breakdowns of tweeting politicians and stats about the most popular representatives.

To be honest, the statistical breakdowns are a lot more interesting than the politician's own tweets. For example, only five of California's 55 congressional representatives have Twitter accounts. And of those, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. George Miller haven't tweeted since the summer. Not so impressive.

Despite the Democrats holding a majority in Congress, 15 more Republicans are on Twitter. But failure to tweet is a bipartisan problem, with only 13% of Congress registered on the website. And that's not counting the Twitter ditchers, who signed up but haven't updated in months.

Tweet Congress provides more traditional contact info and a petition feature so you can bug your Congress member into signing up.

Oh, and he may not be a congressman, but a certain Governator is also on Twitter. (And so are we. Shameless plug.)

-- Mark Milian

Photo: Tweet Congress profiles of two non-tweeting representatives from California, Joe Baca and Xavier Becerra