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Snuggie warming up on the Web

January 12, 2009 |  3:30 pm

The Snuggie is coming ... take cover. The brilliant "blanket with sleeves" that you may have seen on TV (or YouTube) has come to occupy that paradoxical place in pop culture where the very same sharp-tongued bloggers who deride the product as the apotheosis of our dissolute, overweight, depressed and lonely couch potato society secretly also covet a matching set. It is, after all, difficult to argue with the impeccable logic of the Snuggie: 

The Snuggie keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands, so now you can work the remote or read a book in total warmth and comfort. Use your laptop without being cold, or enjoy a snack while staying snuggly warm. 

Snuggiefive Hear that, bloggers? Use your laptop without being cold. You know you want one. And if you think it's ridiculous that Snuggie suggests it's good for "staying cozy and warm at sporting events," just think about it: people already bring blankets to ball games, so ... why not add sleeves so you can eat your Dodger dog or catch a fly ball?

Snuggie buzz has begun to increase exponentially -- just check out Facebook's Lexicon feature, which measures chatter about certain words and phrases. The Snuggie is taking off! Google shows a similar warming trend (note that Snuggie is smothering the Clapper). And parody videos have already sprung up to mock the Snuggie's greatness -- a sure sign that a meme is catching on.


— David Sarno