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Nonagenarian works on healthcare's cutting edge

January 3, 2009 |  8:16 am

Morris F. Cullen, healthcare pioneer

Morris F. Collen, M.D., is a pioneer in harnessing the vast power of computers to improve healthcare. He is hip-deep in studying the ways that prescription drugs could interact and harm the elderly. He's hard at work on his sixth book.

But he just might be most proud of his brand new driver's license.

"Can I show you something you'll never see again?" Collen asks, reaching for his well-used billfold. He pulls out the rectangle of pedestrian plastic. He points to the date of birth: 11-12-13. He points to the expiration date: 11-12-13. He grins.

"The one is in the 20th century," he says, tickled still. "The other is in the 21st century. That represents 100 years. When I looked at that, I said, 'My God, that's probably the only one in the country.' "

Why does a 95-year-old need a license, one that's just been re-upped for another five years? So he can drive to work, of course.

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-- Maria L. La Ganga

Photo: Dave Getzschman / For the Los Angeles Times