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Around the Web 1.13.09: Obama's FCC pick, burritos on iPhones, Phantom in video games

January 13, 2009 |  9:03 am

Phantom -- President-elect Barack Obama will pick tech advisor Julius Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission. Say that 10 times fast. LAT

-- The Center for Digital Democracy asks Congress to look into the privacy implications of advertising on cellphones, especially that pesky Android. Forbes

-- Obama wants to computerize all health records in five years. It could cost as much as $100 billion. CNN

-- The Supreme Court doesn't clear the way for you to be able to record shows without a DVR. LAT

-- An app that lets you order Chipotle from your iPhone is pulled when too many people order burritos. Insert fart joke here. TechCrunch

-- wants to make you laugh, cry and then log on to look for a job. NYT

-- Here are six reasons the Palm Pre is getting everyone so excited. Wired

-- The Krikorian brothers and other top Sling Media executives are leaving. Their departures may have something to do with corporate overlords EchoStar.

-- More people rely on the Internet than newspapers to get their news for the first time ever, Pew says. Silicon Alley Insider

-- A majority of California's paroled sex offenders are being monitored by GPS. Better hope those satellites stay orbiting. LAT

-- Andrew Lloyd Webber is developing video games based on his musicals. They're sing-along games. But wouldn't it be great if they were first-person shooters?

-- Alana Semuels

Photo: Phantom of the Opera -- scarier than the Locust Horde? Credit: anarchosyn via Flickr