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Around the Web 1.29.09: All Google all the time

January 29, 2009 |  8:40 am

President Obama and Google CEO Eric Schmidt-- At Google's D.C. inauguration bash, Craigslist's Craig Newmark said to keep an eye on Google project manager Katie Jacobs Stanton. Booyah. President  Obama just tapped her. AllThingsD

-- Google changes its privacy policy in what could be a red flag for privacy advocates. Digital Inspiration

-- Warning: Not everyone is loving Google apps. The Business of Software

-- YouTube, trying to get all professional after its love fest with user-generated content, is close to a Hollywood deal. NYT

-- Best friends forever until I delete you on Facebook. NYT

-- Jason Calacanis diagnoses a new condition: Internet Asperger’s syndrome. Calacanis

-- My Nigerian payday and other offers I can't refuse are more plentiful now as online scammers proliferate. WSJ

-- The secrets of Netflix's success. Fortune

-- AdMob on a growth spurt raises more money. AdMob

-- Video games see profits migrating east. Venture Beat

-- And now for your moment of zzzzzzz zen. Cute Things Falling Asleep

-- Jessica Guynn

Photo: President Obama with economic advisor and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Credit: Charles Dharapak / Associated Press