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Around the Web 1.27.09: Today's predictions include extinct emperor penguins, Skype sale and Kindle 2.0

January 27, 2009 |  8:49 am

Emperor Penguins -- Emperor penguins are heading toward extinction, scientists predict. BBC

-- Microsoft responds to a letter from a Republican senator urging the company to lay off foreign workers first. Computerworld

-- Verizon Communications dials up profits and sales in fourth quarter. CNet

-- Meanwhile, EBay's CEO rings up rumors about a Skype sale. Times of London

-- Apple is awarded a patent for the iPhone interface. Slashdot

-- Is Kindle 2.0 being unveiled at Amazon's Feb. 9 press conference? CrunchGear

-- The new White House website gets a review. Washington Post

-- Used MP3 player sold for nine bucks contained a bonus: U.S. military files. PCWorld

-- No TV until you play your online game! Start-up lures kids to learn math through online games. NYT

-- You can stop practicing the piano now. Axis of Awesomeness shows you need just four chords to make a hit song. Neatorama

-- Alex Pham

Photo: Discovery Channel