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Around the Web 1.23.09: Samsung's loss, DTV's delay and Facebook's spike

January 22, 2009 |  5:31 pm
Samsung Booth at CES 2009

-- Samsung posts first quarterly loss since the South Korean giant reported earnings in 2000. BBC

-- Quick, better invest in Microsoft stock instead. On second thought, maybe not. LAT

-- The Senate is closing in on a bill that would delay the digital TV transition to June 12. TG Daily

-- Before the Roomba, there was Tomy Dustbot. Gizmodo

-- The netbook phenomenon of 2008 is no more, or so says AMD. CNet

-- Maybe that's because some people who bought netbooks are unhappy with them. Ars Technica

-- Printable semiconductors may one day let you roll up your PC screen. ITNews

-- Closer at hand is Aptera's 2e electric car, promised for an October rollout. Wired

-- Who's social now? Facebook takes off, while MySpace stagnates. TechCrunch

-- Word of the day: Brodown. Look it up, yo. Urban Dictionary

-- Alex Pham

Photo: Samsung's booth at this year's Consumer Electronics Show featured a 146-screen display. Credit: Alex Pham / Los Angeles Times