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Around the Web 12.10.08: Yahoo layoffs underway, Sarah Palin tops Google list

December 10, 2008 |  7:48 am

Sarah Palin

-- The Yahoo layoffs are now underway. If you're nosy, you can check out how long Yahoo will keep paying the people it cuts. Silicon Alley Insider

-- AOL retools social networking site Bebo, hoping to make it more popular in the U.S. BoomTown

-- Yahoo will close Brickhouse, which worked on new product development. TechCrunch

-- Now Google digitizes magazines too. Bookstores break out their Google voodoo doll yet again. Search Engine Land

-- Google lists the fastest-rising searches of 2008. Sarah Palin, pictured, tops the list. But what is the No. 4 search term, Tuenti? CNet

-- Now you can see inside the Playboy empire on your cellphone. USA Today

-- You know this guy is hip. He produced the world's first music video shot entirely on an iPhone. The Unofficial Apple Weblog

-- A British censorship group takes Wikipedia off its blacklist after a tiff about an album cover on Wikipedia that looked a lot like child porn. Wired

-- Read it and weep. Christmas parties of the past used to be pretty swanky. Bye-bye, days of excess. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Alana Semuels

Photo credit: News Hour via Flickr