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Around the Web 12.4.08: Layoffs, more layoffs and a $99-iPhone rumor

December 4, 2008 |  9:03 am

Chopping -- Since when did Thursdays become the Day To Announce Layoffs? Viacom announces 850, including 300 at MTV. Gawker

-- AT&T will cut 12,000 jobs, in part because people don't use landlines anymore. AP via LAT

-- NBC is canning 500 people, or about 3% of its workforce, because advertisers aren't spending quite so much on TV anymore. Silicon Alley Insider

-- And Adobe will layoff 600, or about 8% of its workforce, because people aren't buying software anymore. WSJ

-- Now that you and everyone else on the planet is unemployed, maybe you can spend your time watching the Chargers-Raiders game in 3-D. USA Today

-- Or you can spend your days streaming Netflix movies on your Boxee. NewTeeVee

-- Or you can spend your last $99 on an iPhone at Wal-Mart (if this turns out to be true). Boy Genius

-- More bad news: Nokia cuts its global handset market forecast. Again. All Things D

-- A man who posted mean things about his ex-girlfriend on Craigslist gets charged with libel. LAT

-- Now you can go to the New York Times homepage and read content that's not from the New York Times. Read Write Web

-- The Justice Department was three hours away from officially calling Google a monopolist if the company hadn't bailed on its search deal with Yahoo. TechCrunch

-- And finally, as if things weren't bad enough, the FBI says thieves who steal copper from cell towers and other tech-related places are threatening the country's infrastructure. Wired

-- Alana Semuels

Photo: Civisi via Flickr