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Around the Web 12.15.08: Metallica version of Guitar Hero, WSJ vs. Google, new Mahalo Answers

December 15, 2008 |  9:40 am

Metallica_k94k0snc -- The next band rocking out to Guitar Hero: Metallica. USA Today

-- Some analysts are wondering if Guitar Hero and Rock Band are starting to sound a little out of tune. MarketWatch

-- Nintendo's version, Wii Music, could be the first Wii flop. "I don't expect Wii Music to be an immediate hit," said Nintendo's creative chief, Shigeru Miyamoto. "It will be a steady long-running seller that will spread gradually by word-of-mouth." WSJ

-- Twitter joins Google's Friend Connect service. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Big brands are having trouble connecting with social networking sites. NYT

-- Not everyone is buying that theory. BoomTown

-- Columnist Chris O'Brien names Silicon Valley's three most vulnerable companies in 2009: Advanced Micro Devices, Sun Microsystems and Palm. Mercury News

-- Another "top" list: The top 30 destinations for offshoring services.

-- If Google puts servers directly on the networks of Internet service providers, is it violating its Net neutrality policies? Discuss among yourselves. CNet

-- And if Lawrence Lessig's views on Net neutrality haven't changed, has he really "softened his opposition"?

-- L.A. techie Jason Calacanis launches Mahalo Answers. VentureBeat

-- BitTorrent is hurting. TechCrunch

-- Chris Gaither

Metallica photo credit: Paul Connors / Associated Press