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The perfect gift for the guy who goes disposal surfing

November 24, 2008 |  6:00 pm

The Alligetter A press release came into the office that began "The thought of putting a hand in the garbage disposal makes most people react with fear and disgust."

OK, you got our attention.

The product a company called Consafeco is selling is the Alligetter, a $20 grabbing device that uses serrated teeth to pick up items dropped down the disposal.

It has an embedded LED light to help locate rings, coins, sippy cup lids or whatever.

Inventor Micah Bertin said in the release, "Our closest competitor is the human hand, which is not really designed to rummage around the blades and filth."

So much for dinner at Micah's house.

With the Alligetter, the release said of disposal surfing, "that chore is easier now -- and actually kind of fun."

It doesn't take much to amuse the folks at Consafeco.

-- David Colker

Photo: The Alligetter. Credit: Consafeco