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Around the Web 11.13.08: Today's coffee talk: Who broke venture capital? Discuss amongst yourselves.

November 13, 2008 |  8:56 am

VentureBeat's Matt Marshall-- Is the venture capital model broken? Yes, it is, says journalist/entrepreneur Matt Marshall. VentureBeat

-- Ha, the model has always been broken, says venture capitalist Fred Wilson. A VC

-- The real reason for the epic fail this time? Venture capitalists don't get advertising. HipMojo

-- Is Apple building a search engine? TechCrunch

-- Citi's Mark Mahaney stops drinking the Google Kool-Aid. TechCrunch

-- The Dane behind Google's Chrome browser. Business Week

-- Now you can play live poker on your iPhone. VentureBeat

-- The Napster judge calls for copyright reform. Wired

-- Verizon announces the BlackBerry Storm release date: Nov. 21. Boy Genius

-- And now for your moment of Twitter zen. The Gazette

-- Jessica Guynn

Photo: Venture Beat's Matt Marshall. Credit: Brian Solis