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Around the Web 11.25.08: Beatles can't work it out with iTunes, Japanese robots get prizes

November 25, 2008 |  9:18 am

Lego Beatles -- The Beatles aren't coming to iTunes anytime soon -- talks have stalled. They need help! AP via Yahoo

-- Cisco is closing down for four days at the end of the year to save money. GigaOM

-- The release of the Kindle 2 is delayed until next year. Guess you'll just have to read real books till then. TechCrunch

-- Craigslist founder Craig Newmark talks to the L.A. Times editorial board about the future of newspapers. LAT

-- T-Mobile's G1 is selling better than expected. Guess people need their Google fix even in a slow economy. TG Daily

-- If you just bought a G1 and kind of wish you'd gotten an iPhone instead, here’s some gear that can make your new phone a little bit cooler. CNet

-- Could Google's Eric Schmidt be leaving for better things? (Wait, there are better things than Google?) Silicon Alley Insider

-- Economic turmoil may be a good thing for all those people inventing the next Google in their garages. Wired

-- If your search for “stomach pain” on the Internet convinces you that you have cancer, you may have cyberchondria. NYT

-- Dancing on graves won’t help the environment. But solar panels on graves may. Wired

-- Japan's government gives prizes to what it considers top robots of the year. They include one that
turns pages in books and one that transplants rice. Tech On

-- Alana Semuels

Photo: Lego model of the Beatles Abbey Road cover. Credit: Dunechaser via Flickr