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Mitsubishi laser TV zaps in for the holidays

October 28, 2008 |  4:22 pm

Mitsubishi LaserVue TV For those demanding the latest in HDTV eye candy, Mitsubishi’s long-awaited laser televisions are finally dribbling into stores. Debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in a Vegas nightclub, the LaserVue TVs displayed a sharp image from all angles and deep colors, although it was a bit difficult to tell amid the pumped-in smoke and dancing showgirls.

But unless you’re getting one of those government bailout-subsidized bonuses, you may not even want to look. The 65-inch model out now carries a price tag of about $7,000. And the screen isn't even flat. The laser TV, which is similar to a DLP set except that it uses a laser instead of a bulb for its light source, is nearly 11-inches thick. That makes a laser TV practically an elephant in the room in this flat-panel era.

If you get one and hate it, maybe you can break the screen and do home Lasik.

If an old-fashioned DLP is good enough for you, you can pick up a 65-inch model for less than $2,000 these days. Flat costs more, but you can get a Sharp 65-inch LCD model for about $3,500 and up.

And stay tuned. Prices of high-definition TVs are likely to drop for the holidays. Perhaps they will not just drop but plunge, considering the economy.

-- David Colker

Photo by Mitsubishi