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Around the Web 10.24.08: Investors Twitter pain, Google founders own a jet and oppose Prop. 8, Oprah loves the Kindle

October 24, 2008 |  9:12 am
Outside the Bombay Stock Exchange

-- Hold tight: Crashing overseas markets have already caused havoc for the U.S. stock market today. LAT

-- Twitter your stock market pain.  Silicon Alley Insider

-- The SEC is on the job. The SEC believes that a teenager invented Apple's CEO Steve Jobs' heart attack story and posted it online, most likely for kicks. Bloomberg

-- Google founders give big money to stop Prop. 8., the California initiative that would ban same-sex marriage. Mercury News

-- If all goes wrong, the Google guys may have a jet fighter in their fleet of planes to rise above it all. NYT

-- Someone can go shopping this weekend. With $24.5 billion in cash, Apple can buy Dell, Yahoo or Sony (the part that trades in the U.S). Or with a stretch, Research In Motion, the BlackBerry maker. But that would take the fun out of everything. VentureBeat

-- Or DIY. Apple hires the Yale business school dean to lead a new project called Apple University. WSJ

-- Virtual revenge, real jail. A Japanese woman kills off the virtual representation of her husband in an online game. He says he wants a divorce. She is arrested and jailed on computer tampering charges. BBC

-- Oprah cuddles the Kindle. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Close the door fast. Microsoft issues an emergency patch to fix a security hole in Windows. Run, do not walk, and apply the patch, say security experts. CNet

-- Michelle Quinn

Photo: People outside the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai, India, today. Credit: Rajanish Kakade / Associated Press