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Around the Web 10.17.08: Staying alive in a shaky market

October 17, 2008 |  8:27 am
Dancing cooks

-- Add this to your iPod playlist: The Bee Gees' "Staying Alive" has one of the best beats for performing CPR. Wired

-- Performing CPR on the market: Warren Buffett says it's time to buy American stocks. NYT

-- I Will Survive: Are there deals for ravaged portfolios? Maybe Google, since it's just $370. LAT

-- Long live the Queen: Even the Queen is touting Google, with a visit to the Internet giant in London. GeekSugar

-- Get your groove on: Time to start a start-up. PaulGraham

-- You should be dancing: Facebook to start a music service a la MySpace Music? NYPost

-- Upside down: MySpace may defy gravity. It's expected to reach $1 billion in revenue this year. VentureBeat

-- Don't Leave Me This Way: Pandora, Zivity and others lay off employees. Mashable

-- Can touch this: Hewlett-Packard is rumored to make a touch-screen laptop. WSJ

-- Last Dance: Doonesbury makes fun of journalists-turn-bloggers. Slate

-- Michelle Quinn

Photo of dancing cooks by Trinity via Flickr