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Around the Web 10.16.08: Top 10 reasons why things ain't so bad, including Radiohead and iPhone

October 16, 2008 |  9:49 am

-- Check out the new, guaranteed-to-be-addictive iPhone game from ESPN. VentureBeat

-- We say: Let there be more iPhone games. VentureBeat

-- EBay may be down on its luck, but, hey, look at Skype shine. TechCrunch

-- What's your sign? Microsoft will promote Zune with astrology. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Earnings up, earnings down, no big deal: Ain't no company on earth like Google. All Things Digital

-- YouTube co-founder: Online video is just like the early days of TV. TechCrunch

-- It's been a wonderful life, now a start-up helps you plan your funeral. TechCrunch

-- You are not alone: CNN political analyst Jeffrey Toobin checks Facebook during the presidential debate. Money Cash Ho's

-- The social Web just keeps getting more, er, social. Micro Persuasion

-- Radiohead's pay-whatever-you-want-for-our-music experiment is a success. music:)ally

-- Now returning to your regularly scheduled doom-and-gloom programming: Check out Yahoo's downward-dog stock price. Silicon Alley Insider

-- And now for your moment of revulsion: Dude, where did you get that rash? Maybe a cellphone. Reuters

-- Jessica Guynn