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Around the Web 9.3.08: Chrome's first security flaw and geek tattoos

September 3, 2008 |  9:26 am


-- In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last 24 hours and haven’t heard, Google unveiled its own Web browser, Chrome, Tuesday. Reviews say it is pretty darn fast. CNET

-- But bloggers say they’ve found its first security flaw. CNET

-- Unless they're on Wi-Fi, iPhone users on the East Coast probably aren't reading this blog from their devices. AT&T appears to be experiencing a data outage there. Engadget

-- Frustrated users probably shouldn’t follow the lead of a Canadian playwright who allegedly held a technician hostage till he fixed her Internet connection. Slashdot

-- Want to get a story onto Digg’s home page? Pay some guy $1,200 and he might just help you do so. TechCrunch

-- Or else you can take that money and buy three computers: Dell says you’ll soon be able to buy a Dell mini-notebook for less than $400. WSJ

-- MAPme releases a widget today it says is better than Google Maps. TechCrunch

-- If a geek has a tattoo, is he still a geek? If the tattoo is of something not very tough like a tape measure, than yes. Wired

-- An overview of What could be better than "Gilmore Girls" and "Everwood" in the same place? Web Scout

Photo: Francis Storr via Flickr