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Around the Web 9.30.08: Security holes, Web celebs and gaming the App Store

September 30, 2008 |  9:16 am

-- Move over Niko Belic. Here comes Sackboy. Wired

-- Princeton researchers find a security hole on websites that would let hucksters transfer money out of bank accounts. Slashdot

-- Game on. Developers engage in AppStore optimization. Touchmeme

-- Business Week names this year's 25 top Web celebs. BW

-- Is Nintendo introducing a pedometer to its Wii lineup? Joystiq

-- WiMax fails road test. InfoWorld

-- Facebook serves up a new motto alongside a new iPhone App. TechCrunch

-- Wal-Mart wins an AC/DC Rock Band exclusive. New York Times

-- Alex Pham

Sackboy photo by Media Molecule and Sony Computer Entertainment of America