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Holy auctions, Batman!

August 13, 2008 |  5:56 pm

Terapeak, a Canadian company that sells EBay auction data to online power sellers who want to pick the best times and days to sell their Hummel figurines, has created a nifty widget demonstrating the power of the Dark Knight. According to the widget, which tracks EBay sales for the last 30 days, Batman-related items outsold those of Superman and Spider-Man combined. The widget lets users compare the sales might of other superheroes and supervillains, both in the number of items sold and in the average selling price.

One snafu Terapeak ran into when it created the widget: Not all superheroes could be tabulated. Wolverine, for example, proved especially elusive. Searches for the hero's name also turned up mountains of souvenirs and trinkets from the University of Michigan Wolverines.

-- Alex Pham

Widget courtesy of Terapeak