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Around the Web 8.1.08: Throwing punches at Yahoo's shareholder meeting, working out while working, texting while driving

August 1, 2008 |  8:28 am
Pillow fight

-- Yahoo Day: Shareholders are meeting without T. Boone Pickens or Carl Icahn. Pillow fight or storm the citadel? paidContent

-- Work out all day: From the gym office. Treadmills and exercise bikes outfitted with laptops. LAT

-- Ouch: Texting while walking, driving and biking can lead to injuries and death. LAT

-- No excuses: Soon, it may be possible for Californians to register to vote online. SFGate

-- No music in music: RealNetworks' music revenue grew just 1%. Hypebot

-- Only in China: 88 song downloads for less than $3 a month is too much in a country used to getting its music for free via piracy. Bit Player

-- Everything's a joke: On the Internet, pranksters and teasers find wide-open territory. NYT

-- New guy from new world: EMI Music hires a former Napster executive to be head of digital business development. Hypebot

-- Women rising: There are more women moving up the Silicon Valley corporate ladders than you might think. Business Week

-- Tap Tap Music Industry: Tapulous, the company that makes the popular iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge, is in talks with some music labels to offer premium music packages through Apple's App Store. FYI, Tap Tap will soon join Facebook's iPhone program in the million-download club. TechCrunch

-- Get serious: Apple needs to stop treating AppleTV like a hobby. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Urban outdoorsman: Homeless but with laptop and a job. SFGate

-- Wooo phone: The iPhone App Store has a very zany isle. One program says "Wooo!" when you press a button. Another shows a picture of wood, so you can knock on it. VentureBeat

-- Michelle Quinn

Photo: Pillow fight in Romania. Credit: Radu Vioreanu / EPA