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Around the Web 8.29.08: Comcast cap, Dell drop, innovation issues

August 29, 2008 |  9:01 am
Burning Man

-- Comcast Cap: The company will cap monthly broadband use but maybe it doesn't matter if streaming has replaced downloading. TechCrunch

-- Insurgent hacks: Iraqi computers are attacked. USA Today

-- Dell down: Price cuts to boost market share hurt profit. BBC

-- EBay unbound: Constance White, style director of EBay, wants more people to think of the auction site as a place to shop for the latest styles, not just the vintage. SiliconValley

-- Smashed and mashed: Yahoo closes Yahoo Mash, its 1-year-old social network. CNet

-- Military might: The key to Silicon Valley innovation has been military spending. Techdirt

-- Blame game: But Silicon Valley faces an innovation crisis, thanks to fear of risk-taking, says one of its storied innovators, Judy Estrin. NYT

-- Ideas thrive: Innovation is not dead; it's just changing. Techdirt

-- Giant gobbles: Microsoft buys online market research and surveys company Greenfield Online for $486 million in order to get Ciao GmbH, a hot European comparison shopping subsidiary. PaidContent

-- The old new: Romensko, the Poynter Institute site that has been the water cooler for the media since the '90s, is an Internet dinosaur. Web Scout

-- Nothing new: No Kindle this year, maybe next, Amazon says about its electronic gadget that lets users read digital books. PaidContent

-- Michelle Quinn

Photo: "Battle Duck," an art car, makes its appearance at Burning Man, the three-day art and music festival this weekend in Black Rock City, Nev. Credit: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times