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The Sims go to H&M

July 3, 2008 |  4:56 pm
The Sims H&M outfit

The Sims, a popular computer game that's sold more than 100 million copies in the last eight years, has often been called a "dollhouse" game. What happens when the dolls break out of the dollhouse?

That happened last summer when Electronic Arts, publisher of The Sims, teamed up with Swedish clothing retailer H&M to sponsor an online fashion runway featuring outfits designed by players of The Sims. The companies received 1,000 digital entries uploaded to the Sims website, then selected 60 outfits -- worn by Sims, of course -- to feature on a virtual runway show hosted by Yahoo. The show got more than 500 million views, and about 100,000 people voted on the outfits.

Today, H&M came out with a real-world version of its winning pick (virtual one pictured above). It's a black-and-white-striped number that can be worn as a tunic or a breezy sundress. It will sell for $14.90 at U.S. stores starting July 31.

-- Alex Pham

Image courtesy of Electronic Arts