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Stan Lee, Walt Disney Studios launch "Time Jumper"

July 25, 2008 |  5:46 pm

Stan Lee Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man, is revered as a superhero in his own right by comic book fans. Now he's rapidly becoming one of Hollywood's most wanted.

Lee's comic book creations have been box-office gold this summer, with "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" grossing $313 million and $139 million, respectively. 

So, the Walt Disney Co. used the forum of Comic-Con, the annual comic book convention in San Diego, to announce that it was deepening its partnership with Stan Lee's POW Entertainment.

The home entertainment group will work with Lee on a new digital comic book, "Time Jumper." Readers can follow the exploits of a new crew of superheroes, however they choose: online, via mobile phone or old-fashioned comic book format. 

Time Jumper "Time Jumper" blends old-fashioned storytelling with technology that extends well beyond dialog and thought bubbles. In its digital form, it'll include music, voices and fast-paced story-boards.

Now for the geeky narrative details: "Time Jumper" follows the exploits of our hero, Terry Dixon, who is an agent of a secret government organization known as HUNT (short for Heroes United, Noble and True). He has a cellphone called The Articulus that has the one feature you can't get -- yet -- from Apple's iPhone: a time machine.

We wonder if it's possible to travel to a time where there are no dropped calls!

-- Dawn C. Chmielewski

Chmielewski, a Times staff writer, covers the Walt Disney Co.

Top photo: Stan Lee. Credit: Reed Saxon / Associated Press

Bottom photo: Time Jumper. Credit: Disney