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Digital transition makes us bid farewell to our little TVs

July 7, 2008 |  6:54 am

Candlelight When the power goes out from an earthquake, storm, rolling blackout, faulty electric company equipment or just a mischievous mouse in the wrong place, some of us turn to a trusted little companion: a battery-powered TV.

Sure, the screen is too small, the picture can be lousy and the sound is tinny. But it's a connection to the real world, allowing you to watch the news and/or kill some time until the power is restored (like the young lady at the left, during Hurricane Katrina).

Well, start saying goodbye to your little friend.

Nearly all of those portable TVs stashed away in closets and garages are analog and they won't be able to pick up most broadcast television signals after the government-mandated switch to all-digital TV in February.

Check out our full story for some ways to deal with this problem (spoiler alert: most are either too expensive or complicated).

-- Jim Puzzanghera

Puzzanghera, a Times staff writer, covers tech and media policy from Washington, D.C.

Photo by Editor B, via Flickr