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Around the Web 7.8.08: Solar Prius, advertainment and a prom for moguls

July 8, 2008 | 10:56 am
Toyota Prius

-- Speculation runs amok about Toyota's next-generation Prius possibly sporting rooftop solar panels. But those panels may only provide enough juice to run the air conditioning. BetaNews

-- The annual retreat in bucolic Idaho hosted by Allen & Co. is like a prom for media moguls. Will Bill Gates ask Jerry Yang to dance? Associated Press

-- Need more megapixels? Hasselblad, the Swedish company that made the camera astronauts used during the Apollo missions to the moon, announces a 50-megapixel digital camera. The price is likely to top $37,000. Engadget

-- What complicated lives we weave on the Web. Swurl promises to stop the insanity by aggregating your blog, Netflix queue, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network accounts to make it easier for friends to track you. Just don't tell your mom about it. Ars Technica

-- Speaking of solar, Sharp has come out with a solar-powered television, aimed mainly at developing nations with little access to electricity. CNet

-- Next time you're attending a webinar on malware being presented by a fanboy and can't grok what he's saying, you can look up some of the geek jargon, including those in this sentence, on the new version of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. CNet

-- That's advertainment. BitPlayer looks at the burgeoning crop of branded online videos.

-- Sony's tinkering with its PlayStation 3 firmware, which had caused more glitches, angst. Gamespot

-- Alex Pham

Photo by D.B. Wieck / Los Angeles Times