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Yahoogle reaction rolls in. What's yours?

June 13, 2008 | 11:17 am
Yahoo billboard

Reaction to Thursday's grand finale (maybe) of the Microsoft-Yahoo-Google saga is starting to roll in. Investors cast their votes this morning: Microsoft (up 2.5%) dodged an expensive bullet but has no obvious Web plan now, Google (up almost 3%) got a steal while blocking its rival and Yahoo (down almost 6%, on top of Thursday's 10% plunge) is in trouble.

The Wall Street analyst reports have been hitting the old inbox, and while some are straight and to the point (Google and Yahoo! Announce Search Deal; Reiterate Buy) some have some pretty clever titles. Here's a quick roundup of some of our favorites.

UBS Internet: GOOG/YHOO/MSFT -- Like Sand Through the Hourglass

Jefferies & Co.: Google to the Rescue! But Will it Fly with the DOJ?

ThinkPanmure: YHOO: Giving Away The Store (To Google) For $350 Million In OCF [operating cash flow]

Citi Investment Research: YHOO: Major Deal …With Google, Not Microsoft

RBC Capital Markets: Google Yahoo a Billion Dollar Opportunity

Collins Stewart: MSFT Said No to MicroHoo! And YHOO Said No to Live Panama [referring to Microsoft Live Search and Yahoo's Project Panama search-ad system]

If you were writing a report on this, what would you title it? Post your best suggestions in the comments below.

-- Chris Gaither