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CouricTube, and other places tech and entertainment collide

June 16, 2008 |  1:59 pm

It's no secret that technology is changing how big media operates. But it's sometimes surprising to see how varied that influence can be. Check out this sampling of recent stories from the LAT:

-- CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric turns to YouTube (one example above) to show the personality that some of her critics and fans alike say is missing from her newscast.

-- Some movie studios are experimenting with offering movies on-demand via cable or the Internet on the same day they come out on DVD, and they're thinking about doing the same for high-def movies.

-- is the closest thing yet to turning your computer into a TV, Scott Collins says.

-- Soap opera "Guiding Light" is shooting with hand-held digital cameras to try to pull in the YouTube generation.

Meanwhile, we'd like to note the passing of someone who knew better than most how technology could improve filmmaking: Stan Winston, The visual effects artist behind such movies as "Alien" and "Jurassic Park" died Sunday at age 62.

-- Chris Gaither