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Breathtaking ... I shall call them mini-feed comments, eeeeee!

June 25, 2008 |  1:35 pm

Comment on that.

MinimeThat's what all your Facebook friends (including Nick Nack) can now do on your "mini-feed," the short bursts of information that broadcast to your social network exactly what you are up to. It includes posting photos, updating profile information, adding new friends or changing your status message. The feature is scheduled to go live later today.

Facebook members already could comment on each other's "walls" as well as on photos, posted items, videos and other shared pieces of media.

The mini-feed has been undergoing some changes. Earlier this year, Facebook made it possible for people to sync their Facebook profiles with accounts from Digg, Yelp and YouTube, among others.

It's all about creating more conversation. Up to eight comments will display below each item, with the option to show more. But, if you don't exactly welcome your friends' uninformed comments on your pet (Mini-Mr. Bigglesworth), your penchant for Belgian chocolate and Kurt Cobain T-shirts when alone in your evil lair or how much you enjoy terrorizing Scott Evil, you can turn the comments off.

Perhaps Facebook engineers could work on an offline version?

-- Jessica Guynn

Photo: Jason Acuna as Mini-Me and Gary Valentine during the live auction at the Surf Industry Manufacturers Assn.'s annual Waterman's Ball. Credit: Al Schaben / Los Angeles Times