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Around the Web 6.12.08: I am in love with my kissing robot

June 12, 2008 | 11:08 am

Kissing robots-- If you were a top judge overseeing an obscenity trial, would you let people find your website featuring sexually explicit videos and photos? Ouch. LAT

-- What I never knew I needed but now really want: A robot with a love mode. Pucker up. CrunchGear

-- Lights out? I don't know, but Yahoo's heart and soul seem to be exiting Yahoo in single rapid file. The latest: its longtime evangelist and loyalist Jeremy Zawodny.

-- Meanwhile, here's an interview with someone who has done pretty well for herself since leaving Yahoo. Wenda Harris Millard was named co-CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

-- My mechanic is just going to love this site. Leave it to the Internet to repair it, pal. TechCrunch

-- The future in 140 characters: Whither Twitter and other microblogging services. O'Reilly Radar

-- Here it comes, here comes Firefox. The new version. Firefox, Firefox, chant with me now. VentureBeat

-- File under: Way too much information. Do I really want to know how much radiation my phone emits -- or whether it can pop corn?

-- How much will the iPhone 3G really cost you? Gizmodo

-- Google doesn't have an "Evilmeter," CEO Eric Schmidt says. But if it did that would be AWESOME! Reuters

-- Jessica Guynn

Photo: CrunchGear