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Around the Web 6.27.08: Bill Gates Day

June 27, 2008 | 11:13 am

Bill Gates, shown in 1984, is retiring -- The Big Man on Campus leaves after more than 30 years: Today is Bill Gates' last day at Microsoft, the company he co-founded, although he'll keep his hand in a bit as chairman. It's a day to reflect on what will happen to the company he leaves. Bloomberg

-- It's also a chance to ask the transitioning man if Microsoft will try to buy Yahoo again. Unlikely, Gates told NBC's Tom Brokaw. CNet

-- And an opportunity to take stock of the Bill Gates era. Ars Technica

-- And review Gates' hits and misses. BBC 

-- And tell some classic Gates' stories (yes, I can see it now. There was a touch of willfulness there in the early days).

-- And talk to old friends about post-Microsoft life for Gates. He'll be fine, says Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft too but left long ago. Seattle Post-Intelligencer

-- And roast the guy with embarrassing videos (another reason Microsoft should have bought YouTube). Portfolio

-- Hold on, Gates will never leave Microsoft, says IT World.

-- Outside of Microsoft, life continues. Nine Inch Nail's latest album, "The Slip," has been downloaded 1.4 million times from the band's site. NIN's clever tech gurus made an interesting map using Google Earth of the location of the downloaders. Fiji, here they come. TopSpin

-- An iPhone casualty? Motorola's new phone, the ROKR E8, according to Silicon Alley Insider

-- Ever tried to watch online video but just couldn't get past the ads? Web Scout

-- Profile of Trilogy Studios, which builds virtual worlds for "Pimp My Ride" and other brands. LAT

-- Finally, for those of you who suspect that Bill Gates isn't quite human, we bring you the other robot in the news today: Wall-E. Critic Kenneth Turan calls the film "daring and traditional, groundbreaking and familiar, apocalyptic and sentimental." LAT

-- Michelle Quinn

Photo credit: Associated Press