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Around the Web 6.26.08: Joss Stone and shifting friendships among Slide, Facebook, MySpace and Meebo

June 26, 2008 | 11:26 am

-- Grammy winner Joss Stone, pictured at right, wants to share more music with her friends -- and far less with the music industry. Torrentfreak

Joss Stone digs it when people share her music-- Has Slide had a falling out with Facebook? The popular social network dumps top application TopFriends. TechCrunch

-- Speaking of friends dumped by Facebook... AllThingsD

-- Oh, but Meebo is a Facebook friend with benefits. VentureBeat

-- Of course, MySpace is always trying to make new friends. CNet

-- Xobni is finding new ways to help you be friendlier with your LinkedIn friends. TechCrunch

-- But Xobni is starting to get a lot of competition from friends. ReadWriteWeb

-- Danny Sullivan says still can't compete for friends, no matter how hard it tries. Search Engine Land

-- But Microsoft, that big ol' friendly teddy bear squeeze of a software giant, is the friendliest of them all. AllThingsD

-- If you don't count Google, which is very friendly with its new CFO and ponies up the money to prove it. Mercury News

-- And here's a prediction of an unlikely friendship between Google and Microsoft. Conversation Marketing

-- Fear not, everyone's favorite Subway friend, Jared Fogle, is not in fact dead, as reported on Twitter. Web Scout

-- But the mouse just might be. So long, old friend. Datamation

-- So might the remote control. Use your face instead. NetworkWorld

-- No friends? No problem. You can be mine. Check out this cartoon I found on my FriendFeed. It's the next big thing. Geek and Poke

-- Jessica Guynn

Photo by Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times