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Around the Web: 6.17.2008: Airlines add cyber to their spaces and Nicholas pleads not guilty

June 17, 2008 | 11:05 am
American Airlines engineers install Internet service on a plane in Kansas City

-- Like to surf in the sky? Airlines may grant your wish, for a fee. LAT

-- Free Internet access is good news, unless you're allergic to WiFi. Ars Technica

-- Mozilla aims to break the one-day download record as it releases a new version of the Firefox browser today, writes BBC News.

-- Ludacris invites rappers to phone in their rhymes. Aspiring musicians can upload their songs to the hip-hop artist's WeMix website by calling them in. Wired

-- Techdirt is anti-anti-spyware legislation, saying it could open a loophole for companies to spy on customers.

-- Henry T. Nicholas III, the billionaire Broadcom co-founder, pleaded not guilty to charges of stock manipulation and slipping mickeys into his customers' drinks. LAT

-- Nicholas has company. Lori Drew, accused of a MySpace cyberbullying episode connected to the suicide of a teenager, also pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles court. AP via LAT

-- Alex Pham

Photo: Engineers installing Internet equipment on an airplane in Kansas City. Credit: Courtesy of American Airlines