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Around the Web 6.16.2008: XM-Sirius moves ahead, Icahn moves back

June 16, 2008 | 10:58 am

Carl Icahn-- The Associated Press is trying to stop bloggers from quoting more of its stories than the media company deems appropriate, the NYT reports. TechCrunch starts an AP boycott in response.

FCC staff says XM-Sirius merger is OK by them; action now moves to the full commission. WSJ

-- Yahoo agitator Carl Icahn (pictured) says at the very end of this story that the Google deal "seems to be better" than the alternative proposed by Microsoft. Jaws drop. Reuters

-- Major telco stocks fall as much as 3% on an analyst's predictions about the economy, plus declining land-line and saturated cellphone markets. MarketWatch

-- Corporate customers aren't the only key constituency unthrilled by Windows Vista: Just 8% of developers are writing applications for Microsoft's new operating system, while 49% are working on Windows XP projects. CNet

-- Microsoft hires online video ad start-up YuMe to help peddle inventory. PaidContent

-- Record label EMI's new boss less than wildly popular, successful. NYT

-- Joseph Menn

Photo: Jeremy Bales / Bloomberg News