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The Monitor: 'The Bachelor's' Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa for Molly

March 3, 2009 |  6:41 pm

Bachelor_2 Have you ever seen a dead woman walking?

Such was the sensation watching the Monday night finale of the 13th installment of "The Bachelor," in which Jason Mesnick’s decision to choose Melissa Rycroft over Molly Malaney to propose to was drawn out for the usual two hours. This season, though, the normal suspense was replaced by something very different: preemptive sympathy.

For at least two weeks, spoilers about what developed after Jason’s proposal had spread from Internet fan sites to the tabloid weeklies. Melissa got the ring, but she did not get Jason’s heart; he had dumped her and reconnected with Molly.

So when Melissa spoke with her mother from the couple’s romantic getaway in New Zealand — her parents had refused to appear on camera to meet Jason when he visited Melissa’s hometown — it was hard not to wince when she confessed, through tears, "I’ve completely fallen for him. I absolutely told him I loved him, and that was huge."

And when, after the proposal, Jason, Melissa and Jason’s son Ty all jumped in the pool together after Melissa had shouted, "I’m gonna be a Mesnick!," it was hard not to reflect upon how perfect moments are fabricated just like the imperfect ones and are as subject to unraveling.

Jason’s eventual flip-flop isn’t without precedent — the ninth bachelor, Lorenzo Borghese, took up with his season’s runner-up after things with the winner didn’t pan out. But as a single, divorced father who himself had his heart broken on “The Bachelorette” last year, Jason seemed to be the person the least capable of wounding someone else in this context.

Still, there was Jason, six weeks after the taping of the season finale on the follow-up show "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose," letting Melissa go and, in essence, his old self as well. "Everything I was ever looking for at that time in my life was Melissa," Jason told Jimmy Kimmel, in an interview that aired after the finale. "Even the way she looked, I would say, was exactly what I was looking for."

Or in other words, cutting off Melissa was little more than a ritual dumping of Deanna, the bachelorette who’d spurned him.

In the finale, Deanna  — whom Melissa closely resembles, in both appearance and temperament — visited Jason in New Zealand without explanation, warning him, "I wouldn’t say follow your heart, I would say lead it," her artless, loveless way of hinting that she’d made a mistake by picking the puckish Jesse over him. (Her face was shown first through a security camera, as if to affirm she was indeed the criminal the show has made her out to be.)

It’s unclear which of those directives Jason ultimately opted for, probably because neither romance felt particularly intense, even if Molly’s massage date in New Zealand did recall the Zalman King oeuvre (though not as much as Jason’s hot tub dalliance with second runner-up Jillian a couple of weeks ago).

Depth of feeling this season was only conveyed through loss. When Jason eliminated Molly last night, he practically doubled over in pain, bawling. And on the follow-up show, Melissa’s hurt was clear. "You’re such a bastard,’ she whispered, as a hangdog Jason lamely tried to explain himself.

"After the Final Rose" is typically the lone hour of "Bachelor"-related programming in which the connection between the chooser and the chosen feels credible. This year, though, it was instead about demystification.

Cameras zoomed in on Jason and Melissa’s faces with telenovela intensity, capturing the alternating currents of affection and chill between them. And the uncommonly frank conversation between the two produced details that, on a show preoccupied with fantasy, rendered their love comfortingly mundane. "Don’t call me," Melissa told Jason. "Don’t text me."

Later, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jason, in characteristically clumsy fashion, suggested that Melissa and Molly had made about as much of an impression on his 4-year-old son as had members of the show’s production crew. (Jason is to Kimmel as Spencer Pratt was to David Letterman last year: an easy punching bag. Asking Jason about his son Ty, Kimmel teased: "Is there any chance you will dump him and replace him with a blond child?")

Jason suggested to Kimmel that he and Melissa had broken up before the taping of "After the Final Rose," and that their televised split was essentially a contractual formality. That in turn suggests that, as tabloids have hinted, Molly was not exactly surprised to learn that Jason wanted another shot with her.

That chain of events might explain the lack of spontaneity in their connection last night, after he revealed to her that he’d ended things with Melissa. The dumper and the dumped made up, more or less. They kissed. They promised to give it an honest try. And yet, without the familiar cues — the applause, the music, the rose — you could be forgiven for mistaking this for an unhappy ending.

— Jon Caramanica

(Photo courtesy ABC)

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I dont see why he couldnt just pick Molly from the beginning..I mean if he knew he loved her more and could stop thinking about her...even though he did pick Melissa...he shouldnt have done that too her...I mean that must have been awful to find out that guy..that who has given you a ring and put on your finger..and find out later that guy doesnt really love you and that they are in love with someone what the hell is up with that?...he knows what its like to have your heart ripped out and torn to a million pieces already why would he do that to someone else who has had the same broken heart many times before?...I dont think hes going to be happy with his choice at all...


Quite the LOSER! This guy is a mess. We never heard much about his prior marriage but it must have been a train wreck. This guy is nothing special and really deserves noone until he puts himself into some deep therapy!! Melissa will end up with a truly great man someday. The show is really becoming a turn-off.....if this was for publicity it backfired!




Jason is a douche. The two girls are complete fools for getting involved with him. I am a loser for caring.


I had to get this t-shirt in honor of such a world-class JERK!!!!!


i really dont like molly. she looks like a witch i cant see what he sees in her she doesnt seem sincere, mature and nice.


mann jason should have not dumped melissa for molly....and molly is so dumb.when she kept on saying that he made a big omg.gosh.JASON SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH MELISSA.he made a big mistake.
MAN if jason still liked molly..why did he give melissa the ring...i liked melissa better than molly.Melissa would match perfect with him.Molly's family is also weird, with all those dumb hats.What was with that.Weird!


To McKenna: Yes. I don't think anyone is doubting that Jason changed his mind because he believed he was in love w/ Molly nor that it's right to follow your heart. The point that infuriates me & I believe others, is that he was crying his eyes out on the balcony in New Zealand after letting Molly go and two minutes later instead of delaying an engagement to find out what his life together w/ Mel would turn out to be like, he professed his love for Melissa & solidated that with putting a ring on her finger and telling her that he loves her with "ALL" of his heart! Then after less than 6 weeks later, Oops! I guess I'm in love with the other one, so I don't love you w/ all of my heart and dumps her on National television! Not classy in the least..
He's obviously fickle and a "Mama's boy". He is mainly having a telephone love affair with Molly right now. That's a far cry from a face to face, every day relationship and in time, he'll probably dump Molly for yet a second time when the going gets tough.


Jason is a jerk I liked him until he did that to Melissa Molly is a homewrecker and Jason you I just can;t find the words to say you shouldn't air your dirty laundry on TV. What a good role model for TY.


I bett jason was talking to Molly the whole time. I believe he never gave a chance with Mellissa. I think Molly new. She is a fool to take him because why would you want to except someone after they dunped you and put you through so much hurt and then turn around to say sorry. Have some class. He will see he make a wrong choice and he will not be able to clean the mess he caused.




Melissa should sue the pants off ABC, the producers and Disney and yes, Jason. No woman should not be humilated and embarassed on national televison.


I was sitting there watching the after the rose show talking to my television. My question is, who knows if he will do Molly the same way after he spends time with her. I loved Melissa, but just like she said, somethiing happened. Something had to have happened. Was she different off camera, was the sex bad, (After all, he did spend the night with those other 3 girls) or was it her parents? I too believe something happened. As normal people in the dating world, we know there is a particular moment sometimes that makes you think, "This is not the person for me." I would love to know what Jason's moment was!


I don't really understand why everybody is so judgmental of Jason. People think they have some sort of right to judge him. Why? Just because they watch the show and it didn't end up the way they wanted it to end????? In my opionion, that is just ridicilous. People should mind their own business a little more, before they judge others. People brake up every day, they get over it and move on. So will Melissa. The important thing is that Jason came to his senses sooner than later and I really hope him and Molly will be together for a long time!


Like many (unevolved) men, they fall in love as quickly as they fall out. He was seduced by Melissa's beauty and sweetness but he did not pay any attention to whether they had report other than in their chemistry. Jillian and Molly were far better matches intellectually, but he went down the high school route going for the hottest looking girl and then hurting her after the lights faded.


Maybe Ty should help his DAD decide. Since he will see his future step parent and their relationship in the reruns. How pathetic this is starting to be. Why would Molly be second choice and if they do get married look at their history. What a joke people will make of their marriage and wedding. Something good just went sour. Ty are you around to help fly the kite and make the decision for your DADDY?

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