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Lance Reddick's 'precarious position'

February 25, 2009 | 12:47 am


Lance Reddick doesn't get to smile a lot on the job. 

As  federal agent  Phillip Broyles in Fox's hit drama “Fringe," he is icy -- and possibly sinister -- as the head of an interagency team investigating a pattern of bizarre, deadly incidents.

Flip the channel and you might also catch the Baltimore-born-and-raised actor in his recurring role as the stern and smartly dressed Matthew Abaddon, whose last name may be a fearful omen for the survivors of the plane crash of ABC's “Lost." 

And he was rarely happy in his  best-known role as the ambitious Lt. Cedric Daniels  in HBO's "The Wire," where his character was  trapped between the political miasma of the Baltimore Police Department and the never-ending wave of drug dealers wreaking havoc in the inner city. 

Given his strait-laced gallery of characters, it's almost surprising to see Reddick  flash a real smile away from the cameras. In fact, he's almost unrecognizable from his on-screen personas, appearing younger, less worldly and a bit self-conscious. 

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(Photo by Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

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