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Discovery's Bear Grylls injured on Antarctic trip

December 7, 2008 |  8:55 pm

Bear_grylls_k29uz3nc_300 British adventurer Bear Grylls, host of the Discovery Channel series "Man vs. Wild," was injured Friday during an expedition to Antarctica.

The network said Sunday that Grylls injured his shoulder in a fall. "Bear is currently on route back to the U.K. to get the medical attention he needs," a statement said. "Once he sees a doctor, we will have a better sense of the level of seriousness of his shoulder injury and the recovery time needed to get him back to his full physical activity."

Grylls was not filming for Discovery but was involved in a private expedition for Ethanol Ventures, a biofuels group.

The Mail on Sunday, a British newspaper, reported that Grylls had fractured his shoulder and had been airlifted to South Africa in a dramatic rescue operation. Grylls' blog has not been updated since Nov. 14 and contained no information about the incident.

Grylls' program has been criticized in the past for staging scenes (Discovery has since added a disclaimer to the program). During his years in the British military, Grylls seriously injured his back in a parachuting accident.

-- Scott Collins 

(Photo courtesy Corey Rich / Discovery Channel)

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Joseph Duvernay

Out loud! In an instant - Staged? Staging may or may not be further out or not on scale of
what gets to true and needy experience a man or woman could virtual or not learn from.
Our (man's) closest butterfly effect, ladies: listening to, borrowing from one another, known
as learning.
Learning? From Gryls, Stroud and every survivalist is practical pleasure, need may ever come.
Shoulder? Bone injury in that cold, higher up the body like that? Boy that hurts! Breathing is
staunch and no one having to, likes that.
I wish you best and every recovery time parcels, take it slow;
and will mind and soul the healing allow, given half chance.
For good cause too!
God, may s/he bless you.


Survivorman has a brand new book out that Bear could have used to keep him out of trouble. Here's some more info:


This guy is a chump, and gives dangerous 'advice' on his show. He jumps into rivers and risks hypothermia while claiming it's a 'good way to travel quickly downstream' and leaps out of his tent in the middle of the dark night and runs blindly after he hears 'what might be a bear'. Good way to lose an eye on a tree branch.

I've been saying for years that he is going to get a watcher who follows his example hurt, and his latest escapade seems to prove that more clearly than ever.

jim freitas

Bear? more like gerbil! Les Stroud is the unchallenged king of survival adventure. I do what Les does ,when elk hunting for ten to twelve days at a time in the PNW coastal rainforests, and it is not for pretty little english fops!
And yeah I broke my back twice, severed my right achilles in a brush mower and have a shoulder held together with pins, bolts and wires.
I would relish taking Bear on one of my forays in the driving ice cold rain that does not let up. I take that back I would LOVE to join Les Stroud on one of his forays! Bear would require to much "support" LOL
Mossback Spec Ops


I'm not surprised because he tends to be a bit of a performer and is always taking unnecessary risks on his show.


Good grief, the world is cold! I am a Surviorman fan too, but gee, someone was hurt! Get well soon Bear. Everyone else - go look up the word compassion!


For a person who hates the outdoors, bear grylls makes it very entertaining. Do i take to heart what he says? No, but it's a damn cool show.

Survivorman is absolutely boring, and Les Stroud is a huge nerd.

Get well soon, Bear!!


He is not doing this to compete with Les. They have two totally different agendas. Les is surviving in a situation where he is lost and people should be looking for him. That is why he usually waits like 7 days. Bear is trying to describe a situation where you are lost and nobody is looking for you. He is trying to provide the knowledge or common sense for people to make it out. He is able to take the risks he does because he has a crew, and I don't think he was ever trying to hide that, maybe the producers and editors were at the beginning and now it is not a secret. Both a very good shows, and both have great information and entertainment. And for the people who say he gives dangerous information, well first of all what the hell would someone be doing in the situation he is describing if they were worried about danger anyway? They would obviously be lost in the wilderness so they should have thought of all of that before they left. Bear is awesome, and so is Les. I actually think Les has a much more boring show to watch because he just sits there all the time, at least Bear is moving! Remember, we are watching TV. The only reason the show is there is to sell Advertising times.... we are looking for entertainment!


"Man vs Wild" is essentially "Jackass" in the woods. Guy does disgusting and (apparently) dangerous things for the amusement of bored house-apes. Fine, I have no problem with watching someone else pretend to risk their life (check 'BearWiki' for proof that he has NEVER really been in danger) for a television paycheck, but when you are claiming that you are a survival expert and this is how you behave on your show, someone is going to be badly hurt if they take your advice to heart.

As to why you might be in that situation in the first place, it might surprise people from the city but people DO still go into the woods and wilderness areas for recreation and personal fulfillment, and knowing how not to permanently harm yourself while there can be a useful skill. When the host of a outdoor show dons a life-jacket off-camera and then jumps into a fast-moving, icy river with no mention of the flotation device he has on, that is both misleading and downright hazardous to anyone who might be watching for tips on survival.

I have some sympathies for his injuries, but the guy was kite-skiiing in Antarctica as a shill for a major BioFuel company - not exactly a low-risk activity.

evan Jobling-purser

I am not a survival expert and I'm not a couch potato either but I do enjoy both Bear's & Les's programmes, they both have different styles which appeal to different viewers but welldone to both of them for making entertaining TV.

evan Jobling-purser

I am not a survival expert and I'm not a couch potato either but I do enjoy both Bear's & Les's programmes, they both have different styles which appeal to different viewers but welldone to both of them for making entertaining TV.

dana timmerman

bear,take it easy.hope you are well,love your show.