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'Brothers & Sisters': Father figures

December 8, 2008 |  2:46 pm

Brothersandsisters Despite airing a holiday-themed episode a week after the actual holiday, Sunday night's episode of "Brothers & Sisters" was an interesting one mainly because of the revelation that Kevin was the biological father of Tommy's and Julia's rarely seen child, Elizabeth.

Ever since Tommy and Julia decided to keep the biological father's identity a secret in season one, it was a story begging to be explored later. An organ transplant for the baby, who was born prematurely with conditions that claimed the life of her twin, William, was a logical impetus to figure out the real dad. There was no suspense: Tommy, ever the worried parent, simply utters, "It's Kevin," before rushing Kevin away for tests. Scotty and Justin, the other possible candidate to be Elizabeth's dad, are left in shock. I was not shocked (who'd let a former addict and alcoholic donate parts of his liver to a baby?), but I was satisfied with the outcome.

The decision to make Kevin the biological father was a good one. When the show goes back on the air on Jan. 4, it looks like Kevin will take an interest in being Elizabeth's legal father, an act that would undoubtedly tear the brothers' relationship apart, not to mention test Kevin's relationship with Scotty. It's drama-filled, it's complicated and it's just what "Brothers & Sisters" needs to resurrect itself from an otherwise mediocre season. There will be no petty scuffles in the bushes when child custody is involved, especially in a situation as sensitive as this.

The paternal-identity theme also applies to Rebecca. Ever since she found out that David was her real dad, that story has been begging to be explored as well. Holly claims David's flakiness was reason enough to not pursue him, but she's lied plenty of times in order to protect Rebecca. The Ryan Lafferty character is also waiting in the wings, so we can count on yet another search for a biological father.

What are your thoughts? Is it a good or bad idea to have Kevin attempt to gain custody of Elizabeth? Will Rebecca ever reunite with David?

--Enid Portuguez

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Robert Walcott

I heard Barbara Streisand say something at the Washington gathering: "Art transcends politics" I wish that were true. If it did, I would have made it a long time ago.



It's a horrible idea to have Kevin fight for his legal rights. It also may be a bad tease on the part of ABC, as with making it appear as if Robert was actually having an affair, versus counseling someone who actually was, as ABC did in a prior promo. It also seems pointless to have Kevin and Tommy play make up, if they are going to fight and be estranged on episode later.

If they wanted to explore this issue, they can easily do so with Kitty and her birth mother. They've also had the chance to explore similar issues with Rebecca or with Ryan Lafferty (hopefully his plot is long dead and buried, however). What the show really needs is some NEW and creative ideas, no rehashes of things they have already done. It just shows the lack of creativity and imagination of the current writing crew.


I am trying to remember why I fell in love with this show in the first place. It's becoming harder and harder to figure out. All the characters (not the actors) seem to be going in zig zag directions and, while there is conflict, it's not compelling. It seems the writers begin plots that go nowhere too quickly -- or take too long in the story arcs to bring together. For instance, who is Saul dating? How many episodes have passed since we thought we would see Ryan Lafferty? Wouldn't it have been interesting to follow the guy that Justin rescued in Iraq and see where that relationship went? How many more times is Steven Weber going to show up? And have we seen Robert and Kevin really go toe-to-toe on any political issues? To some degree, the characters also seem to be acting, well, out of character. There was a tenderness and warmth to the show that has slowly been overtaken by a shrill, spastic tone. I don't know if the novelty of the show has been lost and I don't know how to put it back together.


I've stopped watching, but I read up on what I've missed. Its just so damn boring and all I want to see is the Ryan story come into play. Every week I hope he's gonna show up finally and by pushing his story-line to the side they're setting up for this "big" event, which really isn't a big deal...unless he's up to no good Ooo! I want to see the heart touching drama this show was during season 1, not all this bickering, custody battle (Sarah season 1 now its the boys turn) affairs (agone done in Season 1).
I probably won't be able to wait until Feb for the Ryan story to start so I guess I'll just rent the season when it comes to DVD next fall. Its just not the same show :(