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'Gilmore Girls': 'Bon voyage'

May 16, 2007 |  4:05 am

Gilmore Maybe, just maybe, this was the only way "Gilmore Girls" could have ended.

And that's a good thing.

With all the positive strides the show has made in the last few episodes, I found myself hoping that the rumors would turn true and the CW would get another season out of it. Even a shortened one.

But after seven years as television's hippest – and most critically acclaimed -- mother-daughter twosome, Lorelai and Rory ended their journey in a touching finale that drew the show to a comforting close.

The focus of the hour, like so many of the best "Gilmore" episodes, was on the girls, as they planned a roller-coaster-seeking summer of fun. When Rory unexpectedly landed a job, however, they slowly began sobering up to the idea of having to go their separate ways.

But not before the girls (and the show) finally overcame long-term hurdles in dumb love (Rory turned Logan down – hurray!), surprise daughters (April gave Lorelai an alleged reason to dump Luke and then moved far, far away) and meandering (see any and all episodes involving Rory and the Daughters of the American Revolution).

As things began to wrap up for "Gilmore Girls," the show returned to feeling like one helluva coffee fix with friends: a sassy, low-key affair, high on caffeine and free of melodrama.

Tuesday's finale was light on its feet and poignant in all the right spots. Lorelai tried hiding her separation pains as she manically helped Rory pack for her new job on the road, until Rory questioned her distance and Lorelai confessed, "It's too soon."

For fans who have followed Luke and Lorelai's will-they-or-won't-they relationship since Season 1, the inevitable resolution came in a single, urgent kiss. A brief but super-charged moment, it was more than enough to satisfy.

Yet cast members Kelly Bishop (who plays Emily Gilmore), Liza Weil (Paris) and Scott Patterson (Luke) have gone on record with their disappointment over the abruptness of the show's cancellation and the lack of closure in the finale.

In fact, the series' ending was all about new beginnings. Instead of closure, viewers were given reassuring glimpses into the future.

Lorelai volunteered to continue Friday-night dinners with her parents sans Rory. She and Luke are back together. And Rory is about to kick-start her journalism career as an online reporter covering the Barack Obama campaign.

Viewers who tuned in for one last stroll through Stars Hollow couldn't have been disappointed either. Though Emily and Richard were sidetracked – but gave a wonderful song-and-dance sayonara to Rory in the penultimate episode – Rory's best friend, Lane, got a proper and deserved send-off. The now mother of two and Rory hung out on the porch talking about their future as adulthood loomed. Kirk spent his last odd night a la David Blaine in a glass box suspended above the town. And Babette (Sally Struthers) got to run through town shrieking at the top of her voice one last time.

The goodbyes are bittersweet, but the void the show leaves in primetime is the real reason to mourn: a mother and daughter who communicated intelligently, fiercely and, at their best, with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino's trademark rapid-fire wit.

It's anyone's guess how the series would have ended had Sherman-Palladino remained at the helm. But I do believe the "Gilmore Girls" has bowed out with grace.

-- Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy The CW)

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This show ended way too abruptly. I was happy to see the demise of Logan and the reunion of Luke and Lorelai, but would have enjoyed seeing Dean standing off to the side at the party and catching Rory's eye. I wanted more time with all those wonderful characters that I have grown to love. As Lorelai said "It's too soon."

Darlene Barchowski

It was four years ago when my daughtrer had me sit with her one night to watcg The Gilmore Girls. ever since that night we have had a Gilmore night every week, I am going to miss the show but most of all I am going to miss my Gilmore night with my daughter. as we would order Chinese and sit by the TV. It was a great show. I wish the whole cast and crew lots of luck in their future.
P.S. Maybe we can get an off show maybe called Luke & Lorelai @ Stars Hollow.

Darlene Barchowski

George Watson

The tone was heavy; the mood almost lugubrious. The final episode seemed more like a parting of Loren Graham, Alexis Bledell et al. than Lorelai, the mother, saying good-bye to Rory, the daughter (or hello to Luke, the husband?). It was most definitely a funeral instead of a celebration, the other actors - except for Kelly Bishop and Edward Hermann - mailing it in. One of the readers noted the abruptness of things: it was unsatisfying. I could only think that the producers were setting the table for a reunion - and the former WB is heavy into that.

Larry McGillicuddy

I thought this was a terrific ending. In a way, I think it was better that they didn't fully know it would be the series finale. If they knew, then they might have tried some big grand finish, possibly a wedding. That just wouldn't have been right for Gilmore Girls. I've been as critical of the last few seasons as anyone else, but the low key finish fit perfectly with the style of the show. And I love how it ended exactly the same as the pilot episode.

Jo Ann

I was disappointed in the finale. I was hoping to hear or see either Lorelei or Rory engaged or even a wedding.

I too will be sad -- my daughter and I got my boyfriend and one of his sons into watching the show -- they got hooked!

Ralph Perry

I am really going to miss a show I've watched for 7 years now. It's going to be sad coming home on Tuesday night and not having Gilmore to look forward to. We really understand why Lauren Graham and Alexsis wanted a change. They are both still so young and the show is grueling to keep up with long hours. They did a terrific job, they are so talented but I know after 7 years anybody needs a change. The show was just great, it helped expand my mind and what's important in life, love, relationships and family.

I look forward to seeing all the characters like Lisa Weil and Kelly Bishop, Richard, Suki, Lane and Lane's mom Miss Kim and so many others like Sally and Liz Torres and Luke and all the rest on other endeavors in their careers. I will be drawn to them all in the future because they were on Gilmore Girls. Most all I hope Alexsis will have a good life and not get into a tabloid mess or personal drama but marry a nice man who will be good to her and love her and live happily. Alexsis is so beautiful and she's our girl and we only want to see good things happen to her. Of course I wish the same for Lauren as well, whom we love. I know the cast members have become a family and as they move on will be successful in everything they do. Best wishes to all.


I loved the Gilmore Girls and was surprised and sad to see it end. The final episode was good but a little anticlimactic. I know the kiss between Luke & Lorelai was to symbolize their reunion, but it didn't seem to be enough. However, my favorite line was right before the kiss, when Luke said to Lorelai, "I just want to see you happy." That said it all for me.

And while the last scene of them having breakfast at Luke's diner was rather subdued, it was fitting for the show.

I wish all of the cast great success.Thank you for 7 wonderful years!

Catfish Lover

I've watched Gilmore Girl's since my daughter was in middle school. What a great girly show to watch with your daughter(s). I will miss watching on Tuesday nights with her, but as shows go on so do our lives. Can't wait to find another show that is a girly show for Mom's and Daughter's. Brothers and Sisters is a good start. Good family dynamics. Reminds me of my 4 sisters and I. No Brothers, but still the family bonds can't be broken. GOOD LUCK to all our Gilmore Girl's actors, will look for you in the future.

Molly A

I am going to miss Gilmore Girls so much. i didn't watch it for 7 years, but i saw all 7 season like 5 times through. i watched the reruns in 7th grade. this year, 8th grade, for my birthday dec. 22 i got seasons 1-4 and 7 (which i hadn't seen because the dvd hadn't been released yet) and christmas i got season 5. (season 6 still isnt on sale! :( ) for some reason seasons 5&6 seemed to show more. maybe i was just drawn to the luke and lorelai relationship! i think they are the cutest ever and they are made for eachother! or like emily said "a match made in heaven". there should be a movie, or some type of closure. i really want to know how amy sherman-palladino wanted it to end. she said since the beginning she knew what the last 4 words of the finale would be. I know the point of gilmore girls was for the lorelai+rory relationship, but i mean lorelai is 40 years old. she needs to get married to luke! i know i wont be satisfied until that happens. but im really glad that rory didnt get married to logan. i like to think of her as this girl that is young and ready to face the world and all that, and i dont think she is ready to settle down and all that. but im disappointed with the majority with her relationships. at least if you cant get alexis bledel to come back or the cast needs to take a year break, bring lauren graham and scott patterson back and continue the show, where they get married and have kids and all that, but keep the drama and all the funny pop-culture references that i dont get 99% of! :p

forever the gilmore girls!

ariana d.

I know this is kinda late, especially because it's already 2008, but I just finished the seventh season of Gilmore Girls, and I loved it! Of course, I'm sad to see it end, but i can't think of any better way to see it finish. I've gone through all seven seasons in, maybe, 2 months, and I'm so glad I watched this show!
I don't think there should be anymore of this show, to be honest, because I don't think any other endings would be good enough.
This year I started homeschooling, and I'm sick of it already, and can't wait until next year when I get to go back to school, but this show has made all my really boring days into great ones! Thanks to the people who were apart of making Gilmore Girls, and good luck!

ariana d.

actually, i wish there were more episodes of gilmore girls. i rly miss the show. <=[


I thought they way they ended the show was horrible. They need to do some closure of the show. They left it open for another series. Maybe they can just do a 2 hour movie to wrap everything up in.


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