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Randy Moss says he wants to play football again. Any takers?

February 13, 2012 | 10:26 am

Randy Moss

Randy Moss has been busy taking care of personal issues lately, so he may not have been able to keep up with the Terrell Owens saga. But now it appears we have another onetime great wide receiver looking to return to the NFL.

Moss celebrated his 35th birthday Monday with a live chat on UStream, announcing his intention to return to the league next season after taking off all of 2011.

"I wanna play football," Moss said. "Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I'm really excited."

After a crazy 2010 season — during which he was traded from New England to Minnesota, then cut by the Vikings and eventually landed in Tennessee — Moss suddenly announced his retirement in August. "I had some things I had to adjust in my life," he said Monday morning.

But now he has his family's approval to return to the field — "It's fine, whatever you wanna do," he says they told him.

"Faith, family, and football, that's my M.O., bro," he added.

Moss is tied with Owens for second on the all-time list with 153 touchdown receptions. He's also fifth in receiving yards (14,858) and ninth in receptions (954).

But like Owens, whose comeback attempt at age 38 has been met with little interest, Moss carries a lot of baggage with him and may be running out of teams willing to look past that, although Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has said he would welcome Moss back to the team.

Moss seems confident all that will sort itself out.

"I just wanna go to a team and play some football," he said.


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Photo: Randy Moss in 2008. Credit: Stephan Savoia / Associated Press