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Is Jeremy Lin the real deal or a flash in the pan?

February 13, 2012 | 10:39 am

Jeremy Lin. Click for more photos.

Jeremy Lin is taking the NBA by storm. The New York Knicks point guard, who went undrafted out of Harvard and was waived by both Golden State and Houston this season, scored 38 points against the Lakers on Friday night and has no fewer than 20 points in each of the last five games.

But is "Linsanity" here to stay? Or is he an overnight sensation whose star will fade as quickly as it lighted up?

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K.C. Johnson, Chicago Tribune

Jeremy Lin is the real deal -- as long as the expectation is NBA rotation player and not star. There's a reason Lin went undrafted, got cut and sat low on the depth chart until recently. And, yes, his breakout is one of the best story lines of this NBA season.

However, Lin's five-game run has come against three bad teams and a Lakers team with an aging Derek Fisher trying to guard him. Lin appears to be an excellent pick-and-roll player, so that skill should translate to him lasting. And he's of course in an ideal system for his skills with Mike D'Antoni emphasizing that set and Lin's ability to keep a live dribble to make plays.

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But expect advance scouting to catch up to Lin and his numbers to become more modest. He's in the league to stay, just not to star.

[Updated at 1:09 p.m.:

Shandel Richardson, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

For now, we can refer to Jeremy Lin only as an "overnight sensation."

Why? Because that's what he is. It's way too early to tell if Lin will become the "real deal." Give it time. He's done it for just five games. There have been dozens of players to come out of nowhere and produce a few solid games before returning to obscurity.

Remember Flip Murray in 2004?

In no way is this an attempt to knock Lin. He's earned all this attention, especially considering his numbers. This isn't Tim Tebow completing one fourth-quarter pass and receiving all the credit.

Lin could very well keep this thing going.

Until then, let's just enjoy the moment. He's provided the feel-good story of the season. Go on a few dates with Lin before bringing up marriage.

No need in ruining a remarkable story by trying to determine his place in NBA history after just a few games.

Shannon J. Owens, Orlando Sentinel

Jeremy Lin is a good story and an even better player than he'd previously been credited for. But I'm less concerned about his point production, 81 points in three games (which is pretty stunning), and more interested in his assist-turnover ratio, considering the fact that he is a point guard, after all.

The most impressive thing about Lin is the two turnovers and 10 assists he had in his Feb. 8 debut against the Washington Wizards. His turnovers increased in the following two games [six each], but considering he's had like five seconds to get ready to lead the Knicks franchise and he has a 3-0 start? Eh, that's nothing.

Lin is absolutely the real deal. That shouldn't even be a question at this point. The better question is how did so many scouts and NBA "experts" overlook this talent?

And how can the Orlando Magic get a hold of him?]


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